Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick post........no pictures

Now that the weather is cooler & less humid I finally feel like doing something. This morning I took one quilted quilt off the machine and put another one on and quilted quite a bit of it. They are both customer quilts and are old tops she bought at an auction.  I'd love to have a yard or two of some of the wonderful old fabrics in them.  I'll post pictures when they're both finished. I have to check to see if the customer wants me to bind them as well. If so I'll post the pics after that's done too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


.....if you've read Jennifer's blog you know she came to Quilt Club last night intent on unloading some of her UFOs.  Here's what I came home with:

We made these blocks at the Nebraska Heartstrings sew-in in Fremont in March. I need to make 8-9 more blocks and then this stack can be assembled into a QAYG quilt for donation.  Jennifer was happy to let me steal some strips from the ever growing scrap basket to use in the extra blocks.  It scares me to think what she might bring to the next meeting. I vow, whatever it is, it isn't coming home with me!!!

Here's a photo of the QAYG quilt I made from scratch [with five blocks made by quilt-friend Sandy] and finished a couple weeks ago:

If I'd been using my head I'd have thought to finish it before my niece's wedding so I could have dropped it off while I was in Fremont.  But................that's the way my summer has gone.............just haven't been on the ball like I should be. Just ask my fellow Quilt Club members.  I totally spaced it off last night. And since I'm the one with the key to the library they all had to stand around waiting while the hostess called me and I madly scrambled about to change clothes and get there.  Fun times!!!