Friday, June 3, 2016

A Good Crowd and Adventures In Gardening

We had a good crowd at the library on Thursday for the first Story Time of the summer. Nineteen children attending, with two helpers, a big sister, several moms and a baby asleep in his stroller.

We hope attendance stays this good.

On another rose bush is beautiful this year. Just covered in blooms.

Now for our Friday night excitement. Hubby spends a lot of time in his garden raising all kinds of stuff....and complaining about the rabbits & pheasants who want their share of young plants. And later the coons who want the biggest share of the sweet corn.  Today's wild life was a little bigger and more of a surprise. Hubby was getting tomato cages out of the garage and when he came out and found himself face to face with fifteen head of Black Angus cattle tromping around in the gardens. Not something you expect to see right in town. Called the sheriff and they found the owners who came with a portable corral and loaded them on a trailer for a ride home. A gate had been left open at a neighbor's a mile away where they were being kept and all fifteen of them made a break for it. The garden will recover and it could have been much worse if they had gotten to the highway and caused an accident.

The strawberries are doing well. I got another two ice cream buckets full into the freezer today with another bucket waiting for me to get to tomorrow after work. Luckily they had been picked before the escaped cattle tromped all over them.

And that concludes our Friday adventures!