Sunday, November 15, 2015

A "Me" Day

I took today as a "me" day. The hubby is out deer hunting so there were no having to stop & cook for somebody. What's wrong with making a sandwich when you're hungry?  I did exactly as I pleased today. :)

Slept in, then had a leisurely breakfast and a little computer time. Then I put the binding on a small project. That went quickly so I moved on to getting a backing made for a Christmasy quilt top that's was mostly finished three years ago. I didn't like the outer border I put on it so a while back I tore that off and put on one I liked better. Then back into the to-be-quilted pile it went. Today it got to come out to play.

Backing and top ready to load.

By the time the backing was made I was about ready for lunch so fixed myself some weird concoction of  Bush's Baked Beans and leftover roast was GOOD!! I was having a little more computer time after I finished eating and discovered that Bonnie Hunter's Quilt-Cam was on so moved the laptop to the sewing room and started sewing itty bitty spool blocks for Spoolin' Around from Bonnie's book "More Adventures With Leaders and Enders" while watching.

Each little spool block is a quarter of a larger block. I got enough done for FOUR bigger blocks by the end of Quilt-Cam. Would you believe the larger blocks finish at six inches? Yeah, crazy, but it's relaxing to just sit and sew little blocks that are all kitted up and ready to sew.

A little break and then time to take the quilt downstairs and get it pinned onto the quilting machine frame. I wanted to try out the Glide thread but couldn't get it to even wind on the bobbin properly so went back to my standard Maxi Lock. The machine likes that and I'll fiddle with the Glide some other time.  Here we are, on the machine with the first pass completed.

I'll mention here that the  Gros Beckert titanium needles work just fine in my machine. The ones I had before were Singer, but I guess they don't make them any more. I had read online that this brand might not work in older machines without putting in a different needle bar. Thankfully they work just fine. I wasn't looking forward to tearing my machine apart to change that part. Guess my machine doesn't qualify as "older".  :)

And last, but not least, a picture of last night's beautiful sunset.

My plans for the evening aren't very ambitious either, just some supper, watching Madam Secretary, a little computer time and some reading.  Hope you've all had a day as lovely as mine. Everybody should take a "me" day once in a while.