Friday, October 2, 2015

Just Life...

Put out the Halloween decorations today since it's October already. It's about my favorite holiday, but I've cut back my decorations just like I have for most holidays. A small house can handle only so much!

Canned a batch of pork on Wednesday, a batch of dried kidney beans in pints last Friday, and a batch of chicken in half-pints a week ago Wednesday. The pork wasn't exactly planned, but it's amazing what you find in your freezer when you start digging. When something's been in there for a certain length of time it's just best to can it. Also found some beef roasts that have been in there long enough that they should be canned too. When roasts come on sale it's best check the freezer to see if you really need any before buying more!! :) Don't think there will be any apples or pears to can or freeze this year. Between late frost, hail and bugs they aren't much good.

Enjoyed the lunar eclipse on Sunday night and took a few's really hard to hold the camera still enough with the zoom fully extended to get any kind of picture. Kept losing the moon from the camera's screen before it could focus. :)  Did get a couple pretty decent ones though:

And with that I'm heading to bed. Nighty-night!!