Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter and Quilts

Happy Easter, readers! Yeah, I know the day is half over. :)  I've been scurrying around getting food ready to take to our daughter's for Easter supper, doing laundry, fixing lunch and getting Easter stuff ready for the grandkids. The quilts aren't really Easter presents but they're ready so they will go along. Chocolate bunnies for the big grandkids are under the baskets. I hope they arrive unbroken. Had to dig through the whole display in the store to find three that weren't "pre-broken." :)

And here are some pictures of quilts I recently quilted. There should be another one too, but I guess I haven't taken a picture of it yet. Next time!

This last one  was a baby gift for the Kindergarten teacher and was sort of a group effort. One of the class moms designed it, her daughter embroidered the handprints & names, the mom's mother put it together, I quilted it. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Couple Finishes

I may not post often, but I HAVE been busy sewing and quilting.  This one is for Grandaughter#3.

And this one is for Grandson#2.

It's good to have some finishes. Got another top quilted today and have 6 or 7 left to go. That should keep me busy for a while.

Yesterday was dentist day. We had morning appointments so by the time we were finished and had made a stop at Dollar General, Bomgaars and NAPA it was time for lunch. Finally used the Subway gift card I won in a drawing almost a year ago. The hubby thought it was a pretty good lunch, but that may have been because it was mostly free. LOL  I enjoyed it.

Young Chef

I just thought this was so cute I had to share. 2 1/2 years old and making lasagne...can't beat that.


Their mom says brother was just there to eat the "cow cheese". Cottage cheese to the rest of us. :)
These two have always loved cottage cheese. I guess it's "cow cheese" because of the cow on the container label.