Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting ready

Two of the grandkids will be coming to stay for a couple of days late Thurs. afternoon so I need to get ready. A trip to the grocery store will be in order since they expect things that I don't ordinarily have on hand, like Oreos, toaster waffles and chips. If that kind of stuff is around I eat it and I definitely don't need it!!! You know, the "see food" diet.

Another "must" is getting their beds ready. I have a set of bunkbeds in my sewing room that they sleep in when they come to stay. Of course, they don't come to stay all that often so I tend to pile stuff on the beds, especially the top one. It just makes such a good spot to get things out of my way...........until I have to move it all.

Sunday I had DH help me put the smaller AC in the window of that room. They always complain its too hot. That's probably because you need long underwear & a winter coat at their house in the summer, especially in the basement where two of the kids have their rooms. With the AC in their room here they may wake up with icicles hanging off their noses in the mornings.  Call me strange but I don't like it quite that cold in the house.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot, humid wedding

Saturday was my niece's wedding in Fremont at Hormel Park. HOT and HUMID, but a beautiful wedding nonetheless. She did all the decorations and flowers herself.  That art degree is paying off already. The reception & dance was in the nice, air-conditioned Love Larson Opera House. Towards the end of the dance though, the AC was having a little trouble keeping up. The newlyweds & their friends danced up a storm.....literally. We came home in a fantastic lightning display. I had my camera along and snapped a few pictures:

The young man two spaces to the right of the groom and the two young men at the right end of the row are my nephews.

The happy couple.

I think she took her colors from her favorite pair of cowboy boots.

Father/daughter dance.  I have this pic to prove my brother danced. Twice actually. He danced with his wife for the wedding party dance. But that was IT.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Today's topic is..........................


Some of them got a little bit big. My overachieving DH planted four hills, against my advice I might add. We've been trying to eat them as veggies but just haven't found any way of cooking them that we like. So today is Zucchini Bread day. And I think maybe a chocolate cake with zucchini in it from a recipe I found somewhere. I think the rest will get grated and frozen so later I can put them in EVERYTHING....soups, meatloaf, lasagne, spaghetti sauce, chili...................ice cream topping!!!!!  And then I'll  personally go hoe the plants out. Can't trust that job to DH.

For a quilty tidbit.....I HAVE gotten QAYG blocks put together in rows. Next step....pairs!!!  Exciting stuff.

Friday, July 2, 2010

June just slipped away

Here we are in July already. I looked back at a few previous posts and see that I'm not much further along with projects than I was half-way through June...........the lost month.  I DID go ahead and get a new camera to replace the one that quit working..........didn't think anyone would want to look at fuzzy pink pictures. :-)  I got another Canon, a PowerShot A1100 IS. I was looking at a bulkier Nikon but decided I'd use it more if it was small enough to carry around in my purse or inconspicuously in my hand. Like I said, I really didn't accomplish much in June but here's some pictures I took playing around with the new camera.

The front of my house all decked out for summer. This is the sum total of my flower gardening. I wish those orange lilies bloomed all summer.

Here are a couple quilts all ready for the Premier. They're both old tops that a lady bought at an auction. I'd like to keep them both! In the background is the pile of QAYG blocks I've showed before, still just setting there waiting to be joined into a quilt. I've heard patience is a virtue.

And a picture of my beautiful black kitty. Do you see the questioning look on her face?  She couldn't figure out why I kept snapping pictures of her. Thought I was nuts, probably. She's having a rough time of it this week. We're babysitting our son & DIL's three dogs this week while they're on vacation. She was hiding and I finally found her under the bunkbeds this morning after I pulled out everything stored under there. The other cat was outside last evening & the dogs chased him so we won't see him for about two weeks. He likes to be sure the coast is VERY clear before he comes back home after a visit from the dogs. We'll just have to keep food & water out for him & hope he comes to get some. The thing is, if the cats just wouldn't run the dogs would leave them alone. There's just no fun in a cat who won't run and be chased. Try explaining that to the cats though!!!  :-)

Hope everyone has a happy & safe July 4th.