Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Very Humid Sunday And Then.............

The storms started up. The first one roared through quickly with just rain & wind. The most damage was a tree blown down into the street near a neighbor's house.

The next one that came through about three hours later was the one that hurt. Heavy rain pouring down and lots of hail...some pretty big.

We found some bigger ones later after it quit raining.

The rainbow after the storm.

Once it quit raining we walked out to look at the garden. Not pretty.

Sweet corn is pretty well stripped. It's fortunate only the last four rows to the right were left to ripen. They may be OK.

Was the watermelon patch. Melons may or may not ripen.

Cantaloupe...I hope they aren't completely ruined. Littlest grandson loves cantaloupe & these were planted with him in mind.

The poor butternut squash. I hope some are far enough long to finish ripening.

I'm afraid the tomatoes might be a total loss. They look pretty bruised & will probably rot.

The experimental horticultural beans...we may never know what they were supposed to do.

And finally, more big hail and dented pickup hood (though the dents don't show up that well.)

I hope these storms are done!