Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Time For More

Today was our Orchard Quilters meeting at the library. The project was making the Missouri Star Quilt Co. "Disappearing Hour Glass" block. (no picture, sorry)  I had watched the video several times and made a couple sample blocks at home that turned out perfect. The first two I tried to make at the meeting were a disaster & I gave up on them. The next two looked fine, but when I took them home they were about a quarter inch bigger all around than the samples. A ruler and rotary cutter took care of that problem in short order. Even managed to save one of the disaster blocks!  I think the problem must have been that the samples were sewn on my main machine and the ones at the meeting were done on my traveling machine. Made some more on the main machine after coming home and they turned out fine. Thus my theory.

I had finished a couple things that I took along for Show 'n Tell so now I can post the pictures here.

It's my version of a Jelly Roll Race quilt using Jo Kramer's directions and her daughter Kelli's strip calculator to make the size of quilt you want.....not what the original Jelly Roll Race quilt gives you. The back is made out of 20" squares of hand dyed fabrics in greens & browns that I made years ago. It will be a donation to Quilts of Valor (QOV).

This was another kit provided by fellow quilt group member Jennifer. I didn't need a child size quilt right now so added it to her collection for donation.

The next couple days off work will probably be devoted to freezing corn. The tomatoes are getting ripe so there will be canning in my future...not nearly as much time for sewing. I want to keep working on the Disappearing Hour Glass blocks before I forget how to do them and maybe work on the Orca Bay quilt. It's getting high time to finish it...there are others I want to start!!