Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013.....Hello 2014!

Best wishes for the New Year!  Here's a little quote I came across on another blog that might be a good thing to remember in the coming year when we are in danger of doing too much, accumulating too much.

"Living life fully doesn't mean having it all, going everywhere,
doing everything, and being all things to all people. 
Many of us are beginning to see that too much is too much."
                                            --Elaine St. James

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Almost Ready for Christmas

The tree is decorated, though with less lights than I wanted. I forgot I threw some worn out strings away last year when I took the tree down. It works anyway. Santas have been set out. I'm trying not to think about the cleaning. :)

Gifts have been ordered and have mostly been delivered. So far I did my Christmas shopping without ever setting foot in an actual store. I need to make some deer jerky for a couple of the guys, make some microwave bowl potholders and get DH's hunting/fishing license & I will be done (as long as a couple more things get delivered). That's always a good feeling.....finding something for everyone always stresses me out. Hope I haven't jinxed myself by saying I'm pretty much finished.

My quilting group had our Christmas Potluck &  gift exchange for our Nov. meeting and my women's club had ours Friday night.  Both were very enjoyable and much less stress than the family Christmas. 

Maybe I should watch "Christmas Vacation" tonight?!?

It would be nice to be as relaxed about it all as this guy: