Monday, April 20, 2009

How could I forget.................

to post this picture?
It's a little blurry. My friend Jane took it with her cell phone & didn't hold it still enough. This is some members of my quilt club working on QAYG blocks for the Heartstrings Australian fire relief project. I was hostess last week & put everybody to work. There were only four of us at the meeting but we made 24 blocks. I did another 11 the next day at home & just have to box them up & get them sent to Sue F. in MN.

Two of my grandmother's uncles emigrated to Australia from Germany & raised families there. They both settled in the Bendigo area of Victoria, right in the area where the fires were, so I guess I feel a certain connection even though I doubt if I'll ever get a chance to meet any of those distant cousins.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What I've been reading lately

I'm a librarian, I should read, right? You might think a librarian would read Literature, with a capital "L". Not me, that's what they make you read in school, I read for enjoyment and to be able to recommend books to the patrons. So here's what I've been reading the past few weeks.The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Think werewolves. Think vampires. Think skinwalkers. Think gremlins & troll & ogres & such.

The Sisterhood & Sisterhood, Rules of the Game series by Fern Michaels. Think righting wrongs, correcting injustice. Think really creative revenge. Keeps you turning the pages.

I also read books 1-7 of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. More vampires, werewolves, fairies & such.

By now you probably think I'm twisted & have strange reading taste, but did you know that vampire fiction is about the most popular fiction genre right now? Makes you wonder. I also enjoy reading Countryside magazine. Don't put it to practical use, but read it. Does that make me more normal??

Wow, I think that makes FOUR posts in one day!! Maybe I'm not normal after all. But does it help make up for no posts for two weeks?? Hope so.

Could it be...............a new project??

Look what's laying on my machine...........Could it be a new project?? Am I insane?? Don't I have enough projects that need finishing?? Probably, but it's so much fun to start something new. It's going to be for my oldest grand-daughter who graduates from 8th grade & gets confirmed this spring. She painted her room hot pink & lime green, and her favorite color is purple. Would you believe I bought FOUR pieces of purple fabric before I found the right one. Needless to say, I have plenty of purple in my stash right now.

I like to sew really fast, pedal to the metal, but this project is going to go a bit slower than I like. My poor Pfaff has to go to the sewing machine hospital. It needed servicing but somehow decided to jump out of time, so it's REALLY time to go in. Guess it thought it had to take matters into it's own hands or I'd just make it work & work & work, without it's spa treatment.
I'll have to put this current quilt together on my cute little Brother machine that I got to take to quilt club & as a spare machine. It sews very well but it just pluuuuuggggggggggggs along, even at it highest speed setting. I'm just glad I have it, slow or not. Otherwise I'd be in a real pickle & everything would be at a standstill.

Another one quilted

This is the customer quilt I finished on Friday. I quilted it in the "Bayside" pattern with gold MaxiLock thread. I hadn't quilted with MaxiLock before but decided if it's good enough for Bonnie Hunter it's good enough for me. It worked out very well. My Premier liked it and the stitches looked as good as any it's ever done. I'll be using it again. I really like how this pattern looks on the back side of the quilt too.

Long time, no post

I didn't even realize I hadn't posted since April 5. Time sure flies whether you're having fun or not.

We had a nice Easter last Sunday. We went to our daughter's house for noon dinner. She had her in-laws there too so it was a full house. Plenty of food, as always. I'd managed to lose two pounds the week before Easter, but by the time we had the big dinner & the leftover pie I took home was eaten, it all came back. Actually I finally got up the courage to weigh in yesterday..........those two are back, plus two more. Diet city for me.

Since our grandson's sixth birthday was Tuesday we also celebrated it on Easter Sunday.
Here he is with his SpongeBob cake: According to his Mom, he's a big SpongeBob fan now. Hailey, my middle grandchild, used be crazy about SpongeBob too, but she told me she's "not so into it" any more. Guess that's what growing up does to you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring in Nebraska

Here's the scene that greeted my this morning looking out my front door. That drift is probably 20-24 inches deep.This next photo is out the living room window.It looks more like January than April. Good thing we still have week to Easter or the Easter Bunny would have to break out the snowshoes. I'm SO ready for spring.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


It's a freakin' blizzard out there!!! Too dark to take a picture, but if we aren't buried by morning I'll get one then. So much for hoping this storm would pass us by like others have.

Our poor indoor/outdoor cat was sleeping in the house during the day & when he had to go out to potty it had been storming for a while. I gently encouraged him out the door with my foot. When I opened the door a few minutes later you should have seen him streak around the corner & in the door. Didn't know he could move that fast in that much snow. Anyway, he didn't do his business then & he's been miserable since. Finally made hubby go out to the garage & get the second litter pan so I could fix up his own potty for him. He doesn't like to share the indoor cat's box. He's sleeping in his favorite chair now so maybe he did what he had to do. I'm just thankful I'm not expected to make a trip out to an outhouse. There's something to be said for modern plumbing.

The lights keep blinking so I'm afraid we might lose our power before all is said and done. The snow is so heavy and wet, with the wind blowing like crazy. I usually turn the heat down at night but I think tonight I'll leave it turned up. No sense having the house already chilly if the power does go out & we lose the furnace.

The best I can say is that at this time of the year the snow won't last too long. I just hope everyone who had to be out on the road got to where they were going and are warm and safe.