Friday, February 17, 2012

Heartstrings QOV Quilt

I finished the blocks for this at Quilt Group Tues. night and finished setting them together today.

I could go ahead and quilt and bind it as it is, but I think I'll cut some 5" strips of some sort of patriotic looking fabric and put a border on it. That'll contain the scrapiness a little and give it a more finished my mind anyway.

It Only Happens To Other People....

....Not always.  A few days ago I mentioned a pain in my back that I blamed on too much fabric cutting with a somewhat dull rotary blade. Hah!!...if only.  That pain was the Shingles virus waking up. So now I have a lovely, blistered rash. Sore now, with itching to come, I'm sure.  

(Picture from the Internet)  Similar to mine. Wraps around to the front on the right.

Not as painful as I've always heard it is. Everything I've read tells about the pain from nerve damage as well, with treatment doing very little. So far, so good. I think my saving grace is that I've taken Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement for years to counteract diabetic  nerve damage. Sure hope it keeps working.

 One of the natural remedies I read about is Apple Cider Vinegar...both taken internally and dabbed on the rash. I'm trying that as well. I smell like a pickle but if it helps I really don't care. The rash is hidden by clothing so I've kept going to work, though I try to move around as little as possible while there since some of the clothing rubs cross the rash and I don't want it getting sorer than necessary.

Just one more experience in life, I guess. One I could have gone a long time without.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Quilt Club tonight. If I was really organized I would have a special little treat for everyone. But, I'm not so I won't. Besides, we're all sweet enough already. :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't you find the news depressing?

I sure do. Yesterday Greece almost had a deal on their debt bail-out and stocks looked good. Today the Greeks don't like the austerity measures that go along with the bail-out so stocks drop.

When will people, including us in the U.S., understand that when you are in the hole the first thing you need to do is quit digging?  That means NO MORE SPENDING unless it's absolutely necessary to stay alive. You simply can't have what you can't pay for. Duh!!!

I have no desire to ever have an elected office like President, Senator, Representative, Governor, or any other. But, if the position was open, I'd like a chance to wield the red pencil on the Federal budget and cross off all the pet projects and other wasteful stuff. Shouldn't SOMEBODY be doing that? And this business of tacking pet projects onto Bills that have to pass to keep the country running?  Use the red pencil there to. If it can't stand on its own it shouldn't exist at all.

OK, I'll step down off my soap box now.

Here they are....

.....the rest of my Orca Bay and Jamestown Landing.

You have to use your imagination.  :) And yes, I probably got a little carried away cutting strips. I wanted a good variety so I cut and cut and cut. Then just for good measure I cut up some r/w/b for QOV quilts.   I'm pretty sure too much cutting is what gave me the pain in my upper right back. At least that's what I'm blaming it on. The only truly comfortable position is standing up....and it's a little hard to sleep that way.  I'm thankful someone invented Exederin.

I need to cut a few foundations for the QOV blocks and some center strips, but I'll try not to get too carried away.