Tuesday, August 16, 2016

They're Blocks!!

Now they are blocks....started sewing on these at my quilt group's mini-retreat last Tuesday. It was so much fun sewing out on the deck at a member's cabin. The day got pretty hot by late afternoon, but a nice breeze kept it bearable. We did need a few canned goods to hold down the quilt pieces though.

Ready to be pressed and set together...or maybe just mellow in the container for a while. :)

Next up is some pretty, fluffy thunderheads against a bright blue sky earlier this afternoon off to the north and northeast.  Hope they didn't result in a nasty storm somewhere.

The pictures don't really do them justice.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I Actually Sewed Today!

Yes, I did!  The first time since our July quilt group meeting when my little light-weight, cheap Brother sewing machine gave up the ghost. It lasted about 7 1/2 years, so that isn't too bad. The group has a little mini retreat planned for next week so I had to get another machine---I don't like dragging my good Pfaff machine around---this is it:

It's another Brother. It's a step or two up from the previous one but still inexpensive. I looked at other machines, but none of them came with the extension table included. It sews nice and has way more stitches and features than I ever use. I hope it lasts at least as long as the previous one.

Like the post title says, I SEWED today!  Had to play a little with the new machine, figure out the settings for the best quarter inch seam, how to fill a bobbin---it's a little different from the old machine---stuff like that. And then I moved over to my trusty Pfaff machine & did some real sewing.  It felt so good!

It's been such a busy summer. The Story Times, craft days and movie days at the library were very well attended, but that means prep time increases. Getting ready to hire a new librarian----because I'm retiring at the end of this month---meant added paperwork and trying to get things done that had been let go for lack of time, weeding the collection & rearranging shelves, budget time, Strategic plan, accreditation---you name it---this is the year for it.  Add in the canning and/or freezing of apricots, strawberries, early apples, green beans and sweet corn and it gets exhausting. I keep saying that if I can make it through this week and next week I will be home free. The calendar for the rest of the month doesn't have anything extra, the beans & corn are finished, tomatoes haven't started, library events will be done----just regular work days and the new librarian will start training and will take over on Sept. 1st.

Just think----I will have at least an extra seventeen hours a week to sew, quilt, read, do genealogy, anything I want!