Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm Such An On and Off Again Blogger...

....So make yourself comfortable and get ready for a long catch-up post with lots of pictures.  I hardly know where to start so I may blather on a bit. :)

Here's a recent Grand-baby picture. Hayden and Holden. They're growing so fast.

And a picture of the older Grand-kids, just to keep everything fair.  :)

 Ashley, Tyler and Hailey after Tyler's last football game for the season at the Y.

  I've been doing some sewing, just haven't finished anything.

These blocks got finished today and just need to be de-papered.  The Heartstrings Quilt Project group likes their string blocks done on muslin and when I do blocks for them that's the way I do it. But, I have to buy muslin and I have a large roll of paper banquet table cover so that's what I use when I make quilts that will be donated elsewhere. It takes a little more time, but it's cheaper.

I've been doing some canning too. Tomatoes & tomato juice, some deer from last fall that I thawed out and canned,  vegetable beef soup,  chokecherry juice from berries I put in the freezer back in July.

Veggie beef soup.

This coming week's canning project will be chicken. Soooo much cheaper than buying the little cans that are sometimes mostly broth.  Did you know that is legal?  I looked it up and as long as the contents of the can weigh what the label says it doesn't matter if they forget to put the meat in.

Thawing chicken. Bought on sale.

It's really hard to get good butterfly pictures. Earlier I missed a really pretty blue one. I saw it, ran into the house for the camera, but it was gone when I got back outside.  These two were sitting on the side of the garage.....the garage that badly needs a paint job.  Just ignore the peeling paint.

These are both cropped to make them
show up much at all.  I wish I could take pictures like the beautiful ones I see on some blogs...and not blurry.

OK, let's move on to some cat pictures now.

Mister Kitty. I know, so original. He doesn't care what we call his as long as we feed him.

Up in a tree. See that tail hanging down right there in the middle of the picture?  It's not easy getting a picture of a cat way up in a tree when he won't stay still long enough for the camera to focus.

Click the picture to the right to make it bigger. He's there, right in the middle.  He must have been about 15-20 feet up in that really big mulberry tree.  I was hoping he knew how to climb down trees as well as up.

What????? You still there with that camera?  Enough, already!

                                                                      THE END!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Grand-baby update

Sunday we went to spoil the twin grand-babies some more. It had only been a week and a half, but I think they were even cuter. :)  They've gained back the weight they lost after being born and have grown a half inch.  The little cheeks are starting to look chubby. Adorable!! And I'm not a bit biased!

Hayden.  You might think this is blurry.  Not so. It's an action shot! Her hands & feet move fast.
Holden.  Wearing the cute little jeans his Grandma bought him.