Friday, January 31, 2014

Quilting Finished

Wednesday I finished the quilting on this pretty Star quilt. Sad to say I don't get to keep it.

This afternoon I got a QOV quilt loaded on the machine ready to quilt on Sunday.  I think that's supposed to be National Sew Day for working on QOVs.  Tomorrow we will be going to babysit these two cuties.

Mama's a CPA working on Saturday because it's tax season and Daddy's working night shift this weekend and needs to sleep so it's one of Grandma & Grandpa's Saturdays to wrangle the kids.  We'll just have to do our best to spoil them rotten.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Little By Little

Where oh where has the time gone??  January is flying by and I really don't have much to show for it. Finally got the Christmas decorations put away last week.....oops, there's still a Santa rug laying here and the tree skirt is still in the hair, you know!!!  :)

Anyway, just a little quilting going on............

This is the quilt the Orchard Quilters made for a member who had quite a scare and lots of stress this month. I just made a couple of blocks and quilted it. It's since been finished and delivered. And that scare? Things turned out OK.

Then, another unit of Orca Bay is finished...


Little by little it's getting put together.  But first there's a quilt on the Premier that needs to be finished.

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year......Old Project

Three days into the new year and I finally get back to my sewing machine. The plan is to get out the pieces of Orca Bay and sew the red string triangles and the black/white triangles into the big wild goose blocks. Good plan....get out the container.....lay them out.  Oops...don't fit. 

Get out the instructions....back up to the directions for making the red string triangles. Uh-huh.....should have read them closer at the time...need to trim them up with the Companion Angle it and trim some......

FINALLY, get to sew.  Yaaaayyyyy!   Feels good! Pieces fit like they should.  Hey, maybe this is the year I finish this sucker!   Bet everyone else who started Orca Bay two years ago was finished long ago. AND, when I get tired of working on this one, Jamestown Landing is also partially finished. Sew, lady, Sew!!!