Monday, May 30, 2016

Allietare Fabrics Selected

Looking back, I can see that my blog has gone by the wayside. Since I haven't finished anything quilt-y there hasn't been much to write about. I don't have the knack of making everyday happenings sound interesting like some bloggers do.

Three quilt tops, complete with backings & pieced battings have been sitting on my sofa for better than a month waiting for me to get in the quilting mood again.  After the push to get some quilts done in March/April my quilting mojo kind of left me.

On my birthday I went shopping with left-over Christmas gift cards to the quilt store in hand. Picked up a LOT of fabric in 1/3 - 1/2 yd. cuts to add some variety to my stash, including some reds, golds, blacks & neutrals to include in Allietare, Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt from last November. Needless to say, I had to add a little cash to the gift cards. :)  The rest were pulled from stash and here they are, including the gray that I was looking for and was lucky enough to receive some.

I've seen pictures of beautiful finished Allietare quilts in other, gorgeous colorways, but it was the original color scheme that grabbed me so I'm going with it. I keep asking myself why on earth I'm starting another project, but why not, right?

One other thing, we took a road trip out to Chadron the middle of April to see the new headstones family members all chipped in to buy for the Great-Grandparents' and two Great-Aunts' graves that had gone unmarked for over a hundred years. While we were there we toured Chadron State Park. Such a beautiful place, even in the rain & snow. My favorite picture is this one of this big rock formation with the little Charlie Brown tree on the top.  Can't you just picture it with a string of multi-color Christmas lights?  :)

And let's not forget snowed several inches on us while we were out there. So much for it being Spring!

Today I've been getting flowers set out, mulching and pulling weeds out of the brick patio. The Adirondack chairs & table have been hosed off. Maybe can even get the grill hauled out of the garage. Gotta get ready for Summer!  Hopefully I can get the few tomato & pepper plants set out a little later.....and then hope they don't get annihilated on their first night in the garden by some crazy storm.

Till next time... whenever it may be!