Saturday, April 4, 2009


It's a freakin' blizzard out there!!! Too dark to take a picture, but if we aren't buried by morning I'll get one then. So much for hoping this storm would pass us by like others have.

Our poor indoor/outdoor cat was sleeping in the house during the day & when he had to go out to potty it had been storming for a while. I gently encouraged him out the door with my foot. When I opened the door a few minutes later you should have seen him streak around the corner & in the door. Didn't know he could move that fast in that much snow. Anyway, he didn't do his business then & he's been miserable since. Finally made hubby go out to the garage & get the second litter pan so I could fix up his own potty for him. He doesn't like to share the indoor cat's box. He's sleeping in his favorite chair now so maybe he did what he had to do. I'm just thankful I'm not expected to make a trip out to an outhouse. There's something to be said for modern plumbing.

The lights keep blinking so I'm afraid we might lose our power before all is said and done. The snow is so heavy and wet, with the wind blowing like crazy. I usually turn the heat down at night but I think tonight I'll leave it turned up. No sense having the house already chilly if the power does go out & we lose the furnace.

The best I can say is that at this time of the year the snow won't last too long. I just hope everyone who had to be out on the road got to where they were going and are warm and safe.


  1. let's pair your cat with my dog. I had to go stand on the deck while she ran off the steps almost 2 foot away--the grass is going to be DEAD there this summer! And it's still snowing, Interstate 90 closed from Sioux Falls to Wall. That's almost the entire state. And on the weather the "worst part of the storm" is directly over me. sigh I want spring!

  2. We finally got our electricity back on after many hours without. It was very cold in the house and children fighting because they have no electronics. Hopefully it stays on and we don't lose it again.