Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life in the slow lane

About the most exciting thing that's happened around here lately is getting our new furnace installed yesterday...fancy shmancy programmable thermostat and all. My husband will never be able to figure out how to set it. He's hopeless with electronics and they keep getting more complicated all the time. Isn't he lucky to have me to deal with them??? LOL

I'm still canning. The apples are finished and I'd like to say I'm done with the tomatoes, but there's still a box of them sitting here so I may do a few more. Here's what was done on Sunday & Tuesday---apple pie filling, Caramel Apple Jam [ala Judy L.] and pints of tomatoes to put in hamburger vegetable soup.

Next on the list will be dehydrating the Golden Delicious apples and the pears. The squash are pretty well ripe but they can set for a while before I have to think about doing anything other than make some pies & maybe a little pumpkin bread or bars. There's still deer meat from last fall that needs to be ground up and made into jerky so will have to get on that. Before I know it there will be more.

And here's a blurry picture of my hand with is canning injuries. You have to watch out for those sharp knives & be careful to not peel the skin right off when tightening those jar rings. LOL

Today I WILL sew. It's been way to long since I actually sat down at the machine. I have my hand-dye Bricks & Stepping stones handy & will work on that. It was started as my quilt club project but this year we've mostly worked on string quilt blocks for charity at meetings so I might as well work on it at home. Someday it might even get finished :D I'm getting kind of antsy to start on Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush. I've got the fabrics picked out and that orange is calling to me :D

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  1. Ouch! Those look painful. I'm curious, do you dry a lot of foods? I have a new dehydrator and have only dried a few things so far. I think I need some confidence before using it more than I do.