Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm Keeping Busy....

...but the results don't really look like much:

14 pints of squash done on Friday

Small Christmas gift projects

NONE of these buttons work for these table runners. Drat!!!
I really couldn't believe that NONE of these buttons matched the table runners. And I thought I had bought buttons to match any project the last time I was in Hobby Lobby. Maybe I'll pay them another visit?? It isn't even easy to find buttons anymore. Doesn't anybody sew clothes??

Working on canning more squash today...another 10-15 pints. DH had a bumper crop and we've already given lots away and once I get what I want we'll give more away.

I have some more finished projects to show but it will have to wait until I get around to "staging" them and take some pictures.


  1. Fourteen pints of squash is more than I'd eat in an entire lifetime. :)

  2. Always love to see your quilts, sewn and in cut pieces. You do beautiful work. One jar of squash is enough for me! Nancy