Friday, October 12, 2012


I have lots of things on my "tomorrow" list and it keeps growing. Some have already survived MANY tomorrows.

Three Heartstrings quilt tops that came home with me from Quilt Club that need to be quilted and bound.

Quilt block parts that need to be pressed.

Three tops of my own awaiting quilting and binding.

A top I bought off eBay. It was the first one I quilted on my Gammill Premier using a pantograph pattern. I've learned a lot since then. It still needs to be many years later?

I really need to find time to study the manual for this, my new toy.  Took this picture with my smaller camera and the ones above it with this new one.  Actually the picture quality is just as good with the small camera, at least to my untrained eye anyway.  They are both 12.1 megapixel cameras. The biggest difference is that this one has 35x optical zoom and a few more bells & whistles if I can figure them out.

We won't even talk about the canning and jerky making that I have yet to do. Or all the genealogy information that needs to be entered into my database. Or all the pictures that need to be scanned.


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  1. Which model is your new camera, looks a lot like my SX which I love!