Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Wishes

Even though we had our family Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday evening I'll still fix a smaller Thanksgiving dinner just for the two of us. The pumpkin pie is already baked & I may just have a piece before bedtime.

I just got to thinking this afternoon that yesterday would have been my Mom's 98th birthday. And then I remembered that today is our anniversary...we won't even talk about how many years.  #2 granddaughter's 14th birthday was the 12th. It kind of feels to me that it got overlooked, but when they become teenagers that family birthday party just doesn't hold the same charm that it once did. I looked back through my pictures and #1 granddaughter's 14th birthday is the last one I have pictures of too.  They grow up too fast.

Daughter & #1 granddaughter are coming on Friday to work on a photo slide show for granddaughter's graduation.  I have the scanner & know-how. :)  So sometime tomorrow I suppose I'll have to do a little straightening up and housecleaning. I've been letting it slide & we wouldn't want them to think Grandma's a slob, now would we?!?

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