Friday, April 12, 2013

Makes For An Interesting Search

A library patron saying something like this always leads to an interesting book search....and sometimes they have the color wrong.

Today has been designated "Tax Day."  Bah, Humbug!!


  1. Red is indeed the colour, and among your book there is " Songs for Alex" by Tessa Duder, a New Zealand authoress.What a small world. I can totally understand people getting confused, but ' the cover is red" leaves too much to be even imagined. Happy searching!!Cheers from Jean, New Zealand

  2. Hilarious!! I am drawn to hot pink covers!!

  3. I'm a school librarian and get "Do you know where that book is, the one with a cat on the cover?" Or horse or dog, try looking for that! Sometimes after a few more questions,I do actually come up with the book they want, just because I'm Magic :-)