Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day all the Mom's out there

Yesterday was #1 Granddaughter's high school graduation. I just made like a grandma and enjoyed.  Didn't even take my camera.  Told my daughter she was the mom and could take the pictures. :)  Their ceremony was really nice and done in under an hour and a half; they had it all planned to move quickly.  The party was at their house and I love the colors they decorated with....purple, pink, orange and lime green.  Food and company were good too.

There's been some quilting going on but no pictures yet. #2 Granddaughter's quilt for her confirmation is finished and the one for the silent auction at my brother-in-law's benefit just needs binding.  I tell you, standing on a cement floor for a few hours at the quilting machine just makes my whole body ache.  Am I getting old?????

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  1. No,not old.!!, the concrete is too hard and cold, can you put a thick floor rug at the front of the machine?? Greetings from Jean