Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Today's the Day......

.....that we make the switch from Dish to DirecTV. Dish got way too expensive, especially with so many channels we will never watch.  We've had it since about 1997 and the only update that was ever done was a new satellite dish when the local channels became available. No updates to outdated receivers, no rewards for being long-time customers, nothing. So when we had an offer to switch, at quite a monthly savings, we took it. I hope we'll be happy with it. I at least hope the hubby will quite complaining about not getting the channels he's paying for. I rarely turn the TV on.

The baby quilts for the twins are finished. We're just waiting for them to make their appearance. Hopefully they will wait another month at least. We want them to get off to a good start.

Owls front & back, just as requested.
And here's picture of the cat who thinks he is now ours.  He's had to stay out on the porch, but he REALLY wants to be a house cat.  He knows that other cat is in the house and doesn't understand why he can't come in and live here too.  SHE DOES NOT WANT HIM TO LIVE HERE!!!  It took her years to get rid of the other interloper.  :)

Never mind the cat, aren't the flowers pretty?

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  1. Hello! Your blog caught my eye as I retired from being a page in a library for five years. Nice to meet you and you do lovely quilting. We have four cats and I could tell you some stories. We hope to hit the road someday with them in tow in an rv. We'll see how that pans out..