Sunday, December 8, 2013

Almost Ready for Christmas

The tree is decorated, though with less lights than I wanted. I forgot I threw some worn out strings away last year when I took the tree down. It works anyway. Santas have been set out. I'm trying not to think about the cleaning. :)

Gifts have been ordered and have mostly been delivered. So far I did my Christmas shopping without ever setting foot in an actual store. I need to make some deer jerky for a couple of the guys, make some microwave bowl potholders and get DH's hunting/fishing license & I will be done (as long as a couple more things get delivered). That's always a good feeling.....finding something for everyone always stresses me out. Hope I haven't jinxed myself by saying I'm pretty much finished.

My quilting group had our Christmas Potluck &  gift exchange for our Nov. meeting and my women's club had ours Friday night.  Both were very enjoyable and much less stress than the family Christmas. 

Maybe I should watch "Christmas Vacation" tonight?!?

It would be nice to be as relaxed about it all as this guy:


  1. Good for you for getting so much done. I'm nowhere near ready for Christmas. Wouldn't it be nice to be a cat?

  2. I can't even find my Christmas tree!!Your doing a lot better than me!

  3. Just found your blog by searching for a graphic that showed up on your page. We have similar interests. I love your cute cat!