Saturday, July 19, 2014

I'm A Little Slow With This

This is what we made at our July Quilt Club meeting:

Mine is a nice centerpiece for my table. Some members were going to make more for a set of placemats.

Can you believe the crazy stuff on the news any more?  A civilian airliner shot down. What's the point in that? Tens of thousands of Central American minors illegally flooding over the southern border, with 100,000 expected by years end. What kind of parents would turn their children, some only 8 or 9, over to a coyote or a drug cartel to smuggle through Mexico and into the U.S.? Are they so naive as to believe that those kids will be safe? That most of the U.S. will welcome them with open arms? Sometimes I think ignorance really would be bliss and avoiding the news on TV, newspapers and the Internet might be the best course.

Heading back to my sewing room to hide from all the craziness.......


  1. I agree, too much sadness everywhere, with the plane, Palestine, rebels, and more. When I was young, all those many years ago, I cannot remember any of this, even a murder was so rare here in NZ, now almost every day, and that is in our so small country. Lovely centre place mat . Cheers,Jean.

  2. Looks great!
    Now you know why I don't turn the TV on any more!
    The kids look so cute in the 4th outfits!