Friday, October 3, 2014

It'll Be Here Soon.....Halloween, That Is

This year I'm ready.....

A Halloween quilt for the back of the couch, made using my Twister ruler.

And a table-topper for my table. I have a weakness for Halloween fabric and had built up quite a collection.  These two projects at least made a dent in it.  I'm thinking it might be fun to make a Spiderweb quilt since about all that's left of some pieces is strips.

Came home from work yesterday with some sort of bug.....upset tummy, fever, aches & pains, totally tired.  Took some ibuprofen when I got home  and soon after that crawled into bed and went to sleep.  If anyone had a "library emergency" last night I hope they dealt with it somehow.  Hubby had orders to tell anyone who called that I was sick and sleeping. With two ballgames, in two different towns, in two different directions, I imagine the library would have been a pretty lonely place anyway. I feel considerably better today, not 100%, but better.  Just tired and draggy.

Speaking of the library, go to the homepage at  and notice the tab marked "OverDrive".  YES!! E-books and audio books can now be checked out & downloaded online.  Patrons can log in with their complete 8-digit library number and a PIN.  Check with the library on these. This has been a few years coming and we hope that library patrons who joined other libraries in order to download will "come back home" and download via our library. We haven't had any training in using the process yet, so just click on the "Help" link once logged in. We'll be learning right along with you using the same link.  I did notice that they have some pretty good videos explaining how things work, a list of compatible devices and any software you might need to download.


  1. I love using OverDrive Media with our local Carnegie Library--had some issues with OverDrive and my iPod but they seem to be resolved now.

  2. What a wonderful service, and so much more, I clicked on it and searched. At our High School, that is senior school before University, a friend and I were in the school library together for 3 years, all cards done by hand, and from memory not a large room. So different now, and I hope many take up the e-reader offer available. Hope you are better by now, rest up well, the library will still be there when you recover fully. Cheers,Jean

  3. Your quilts are beautiful... I'll be looking forward to seeing the spider as arachnids are some of my favorite critters. I tried to sign up for your blog but must be doing something wrong... didn't work.