Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Prep

Have you done yours?

I'm thankful I don't have to sew on the kitchen table. I don't have a dining room or dining room table so that's not a problem either. :)


  1. I had to laugh, my desk/table shares my machine with the laptop, 2 books, a thesaurus, a special box given to me by a dear friend, the temperature thermometer, so when I see how cold it is at your place, or somewhere in degrees F, I can see it in Celsius. No table?? Do you have a desk somewhere? Jean.

  2. Not only the table in my kitchen is full of sewing but every where you look in my living space!!

  3. That's why I think I'm leaving the sewing machine at home this winter when we travel to AZ. I have to set up on the dining table and move everything each time I serve a meal. I am thinking of taking some hand embroidery/wool work and my rug loom. I can do those two things anywhere.