Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Catch-Up

I think I've hit my stride...about one post a month. :)  Where to start?

The library used book sale ended on May 2. Lots of work setting up and taking down. Boxes of books are HEAVY.  One of the qualifications to be a librarian is to be able to heft 35-40 pound boxes of books :) We didn't get rich but sold quite a few books. There are still a few to dispose of.

Last week was pretty busy...worked on Monday & then Library Board meeting with all the attendant paperwork & reports; on Tuesday our son and twin grandkids came to visit and brought me a beautiful planter full of flowers for Mother's Day...

...club that night with a May Basket exchange; Antelope Co. Library Assoc. meeting on Wednesday morning followed by Quilt Club in the afternoon. I hosted and had the project...Summer table runner. Somewhere in there I put together a dessert too.

Thursday was my long day at the library and Friday was a trip to Neligh....good chicken & pork sales at the grocery store, stops at the courthouse and dollar store. I'm so glad not every week is like that.

I've been cutting up a lot of fabric scraps into squares & strips during the past month or so. I like to sit down and just sew away sometimes. Very relaxing, but the pieces have to be ready! Sunday I cut strips for a patriotic Jelly Roll Race quilt and sewed it together this afternoon, then cut squares for making a patriotic Twister quilt. Both will be donated to Quilts of Valor at some point. I try to make two or three each year.

Just had a call after supper that tomorrow the sewer gets dug up for repairs....if it isn't raining too hard that is. Otherwise it will be the next day. Maybe, just maybe, it will work like it is supposed to after that and I can actually run a bigger load through the washing machine....curtains, towels, quilts, winter clothes to put away (maybe should hold off a little on that last one?) and just postponed laundry. For months I've held my breath every time I ran just a small-medium load and watched the drain like a hawk in hopes of catching it before it backed up. Darned machine will keep siphoning even after you hit the "off" button so you have to bail fast. Keep your fingers crossed that those old pipes haven't crumbled and make the job bigger than anybody wants to pay for.

Guess this will do it for another month unless something interesting happens.


  1. Plumbing, down here the costs run at about $60 per hour, and more... plus parts or replacements, so it is very costly even if no new parts are needed. And, oh the joy, to be able to do full loads, specially now your springtime has arrived.

  2. What a nice way to use a watering can! I wonder if I can get some plants inside one of mine that I no longer use!