Sunday, June 21, 2015

AC is humming....

We have window ACs and while I get tired of the noise, I'm glad to have them when the weather turns to Summer. The sun was already getting hot when I went out for a walk around 10:30-10:45. Perfect in the shade then, but warming up.

This afternoon I think I will do some cutting-marking-sewing on some more of these:

It's a pattern I came across online. It's a video tutorial and I don't even know the name of the block, but thought it would make a good QOV quilt.  The blocks start out with 10" and 5 1/2" squares. The pattern as the video showed it was for 80 blocks, but each block finishes at 9" so the usual 48 blocks should be enough for a QOV sized quilt...especially since I like to add at least a narrow border.

Both of the towns where I spent time growing up are having celebrations this weekend. One is for their 125th and the other is their annual celebration. Last week another neighboring town had their annual celebration. We haven't gone to any of them. I know I must be odd, but I'd rather stay home and sew or read on the weekend. I loved the parades, rides, street food and that kind of stuff when I was younger but now the traffic, crowds and heat just pretty much make me think home is the best place. How about you?

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