Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ah, Retirement!

I'm just about through my first full day of retirement. My last day of work was actually Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday were my regular days off so today was the first day I would have had to go to work. The time between last January, when I told the Library Board I was retiring at the end of the summer, literally flew by and before I knew it the newly hired Director was working with me, training for her new job. And here I am, a lady of leisure.

Lady of leisure my foot!!!  There's several buckets of tomatoes, apples and pears sitting here waiting their turn to be canned, a quilt waiting to be quilted, a trip today to pick up granddaughter's repaired ball glove and meeting her downtown to make the hand-off as she was on her way through town to her game. Add a trip to the grocery store, then a trip back downtown to the post office when I realized I needed to get Daughter's birthday card mailed along with a stop at the Library with an invoice that had come in e-mail and answering some questions the new gal had. When would I have found time to work??

I have realized that the title of my blog is out of date now. Maybe I'll have to stick a (retired) in there somewhere. :)

I know things will settle down once all the canning is done and then maybe I'll have time to catch up on reading, work on genealogy, sew more and maybe even try my hand at digital scrapbooking....I've been collecting stuff for that for years (gigabytes worth!) but the time it takes to learn just hasn't been there.  So I guess I do have sort of a plan for all that "leisure time".


  1. Wowee!!! This is all so true, and you have it sorted out on the very first day. Welcome to the extra busy life.

  2. Congrats! Retirement is wonderful and we are so blessed to be able to retire. You will be busy/happy/happy and lots of aches & pain. Best part is you don't have to wake up Monday to go to work.

  3. You will get in the swing of having more time for things you like to do.

  4. You will get in the swing of having more time for things you like to do.