Monday, January 23, 2017

All Laid Out...

...And ready to sew. I have a bad habit of sewing tops together, quilting & binding them before I see that part of a block or border is turned a quarter turn the wrong way. I always notice it first in a picture, so this time I laid it all out, carefully looked at it, compared it to the pattern and then stood on a stool and took a picture. Hopefully I can sew it together without turning anything wrong...I hate ripping.

If you see something turned wrong please give me a shout out. It looks OK to me but.....


  1. Looks wonderful, and I hope you can just pick up each row in turn and it all goes to plan.

  2. I squint my eyes to see if I can see mistakes before I quilt. I love this new quilt it looks like checkered covered table tops, with wood grained angled legs!

  3. No mistakes! As Nancy says, it is picking those pieces up and sewing the right sides that is the challenge.