Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independence Day

In honor of the 4th of July I made my first batch of potato salad and grilled pork chops for the summer. Hubby's complaint? Nobody ever puts enough chopped sweet pickle in the potato salad. (I put in all that were left in the jar!) Pork chops were yummy, but I was disappointed in the cantaloupe. Looked good, but very little flavor and hard. I knew when I bought it that it probably wasn't ripe....stem end was green....but I was craving it. Guess I'll just wait until the ones in the garden get ripe. They're just blooming so it will be a while.

Also in honor of the 4th I'm working on getting a Quilt of Valor ready for the machine & hope to get it loaded yet today. Finished binding another quilt yesterday and have another one with the blocks sewed into rows, just need to lay it all out again and start sewing the rows together. There's another finished top waiting in the wings along with three from a family member waiting to be quilted. I needed to get a sample made for the project for our quilt group meeting next week so I also cut a bunch more for a project to work on at our August retreat. Almost all out of strips left over from two baby quilts I made four years ago. I'm in the zone!!! :)

Last night we sat outside and watched fireworks for a while. Kind of like Big Bang Boom without the crowds. There was even a drone flying around, probably videoing the fireworks. I thought I could hear one and then the hubby spotted the little red light zipping around....had to be a drone or a foo-fighter. :)  The lightning bugs were putting on a pretty good display too! Ah, summer!!


  1. Celebration in good ways, potato salad sounds so tempting, we have another coldish morning, and wet ground everywhere. Fireworks, guess there were plenty all over.

  2. Lots of noise in the neighborhood last night, but other than sparklers, I didn't see any actual fireworks.

    Sounds like your sewing machine has been humming.