Monday, March 26, 2018

Down With Epson

It's been a less than stellar month for me and electronics.

The first was caused by user error and I spent a bit over two weeks resurrecting my almost DOA laptop. It was a software problem and I knew I could fix it, but it still took time. Thank heaven I had subscribed to Backblaze cloud backup a couple years ago. It helped me get back what I hadn't backed up to external hard drives which I hadn't done since Dec. in some cases and last Apr. in others. Have to do better at that!

To top it off I was stupid enough to install the latest firmware "update" for my Epson printer/scanner. "Update" my foot!! What it does is lock up your printer so it can't use 3rd party compatible ink cartridges, only the really expensive Epson ones. The others were working great & I was happy with the results. Now, unless I want to buy a $75 set of Epson cartridges for a $90 printer I have a lovely, shiny, black doorstop. Can't even use the scanner. Needless to say, I will NEVER buy another Epson product and I advise anyone else to not buy them either. If by chance you already have an Epson printer and it will still use the 3rd party cartridges DO NOT install any updates!

Then I tried to play a DVD for the grandkids and it wouldn't play in any computer and my upstairs DVD player is refusing all DVDs. Guess it's dead too. Finally tried the disk in the downstairs DVD player and it played. Makes me wonder what sort of scheme the DVD makers have to keep disks from playing on a computer.

Between all the issues and the weather, I'll be glad when March is over.


  1. Same down here, Hugh has a top quality Canon printer, and it struggles to take anything but original ink cartridges at exorbitant prices!!! We haven't done upgrades, and after reading your problems, will not. However, it is not wireless, and I rend to use the Brother wireless printer, , specially if scanning. The joys of modern technology. I think so many manufacturers make items to last one week after warranty expires, or replacement parts so expensive, it is cheaper to but a new later model item. Keep that door open!!!

  2. Uh-oh... I just bought an Epson printer last month... maybe I'll try to keep my printing to a minimum...