Friday, January 8, 2010

Heat wave

Wow, it warmed all the way to -5 today.  I hear it might get up into the teens tomorrow.  Guess I'll have to go to work, won't I? Actually it will be good to get out and go somewhere.  I haven't been out since Monday and that's getting a bit much even if I am a hermit at heart. Most of the blogs I've read lately talk about the cold and show snow pictures. I'm skipping the pictures, but if you want to see snow just refer to JenniferQuilts and DakotaCityQuilter.  It looks pretty much the same here.

I keep doing a little more sewing....made 18 QAYG blocks yesterday and cut out another five pillowcases today. Then I got side-tracked by genealogy. A friend called & we talked genealogy for awhile. Then I had to spend some time doing a little, time flies when you're on the computer. LOL  I did find an obituary for someone in a family that I would like a little more information on....well, a lot of information really.. After that branch of the Veenker family moved to Oregon the trail gets pretty slim.  I looked up the widow's address & will have to write to her.

Sewing and the computer have really cut down on my reading time. So I've started putting audio books on my MP3 player and listening while I sew, play on the computer and do things around the house. I get frustrated with the player though because the bookmark feature is worthless....or maybe I'm too dumb to figure it out. I have found though that if I just shut it off, when I turn it back on it starts up where it left long as I don't push any buttons.

Well, that's about it here.  Spring can't come soon enough to suit me.


  1. Hey--it's gonna warm up to 30F tomorrow--a change of 60 degrees in 24 hours. When you figure out the audio book thing, help me, I have a MP3 player and would love to learn how to put audio books on it.

  2. I just found you today, and I'm worn out just reading on this one page all the things you've done. I can't even imagine having all that produce to can. You would think as hot as it is in Houston that we'd have plenty, but not really - it's too hot! I listen to books on my mp3 player, too while I work. Your quilts are beautiful, too!

  3. Yep, reading and quilting and genealogy all compete for my time too. At least they are all fun to do, so can't really make a wrong choice.