Friday, January 22, 2010

It's about time.........

......that I did a blog post. The problem is that I haven't done anything blog-worthy.  I don't think anyone really wants to hear about the time I spend reading other people's blogs.....quilting, RVing, scrapbooking and genealogy blogs. All interesting, but time consuming.

At this point I will share a picture of what my world looks like today...and yesterday and the day before and probably into next week sometime.

Notice the glaze of ice over everything. It's been really foggy almost every night so the trees got covered with a heavy layer of frost. Mix in a little freezing drizzle and everything gets crunchy. Today it's freezing rain and wind with sleet and snow to come. Only an inch or two of snow is predicted but with the high winds also predicted it's supposed to be blizzard conditions in places. Yuck. From what I read on the blogs the weather is frightful all over the country, even down south where the RVer's go to get away from such miserable weather so I don't feel like I should complain too much.

Do you think a picture like the one above would qualify for my DDIL's photography class assignment to take pictures representing the "winter blues"?? I would think so, especially since it just goes on and on and on.

So, you'd think I would get lots of quilting done. Not really. I've had several people tell me that when the weather is so miserable they really don't feel like doing much. And when it's really bad they spend time going from window to window just looking out. I'm glad I'm not the only one. The only thing I finished for a while now is some QAYG blocks for Jay. I didn't even have my head together enough to take a picture of the blocks........just the box they were mailed in.

I have another five pillowcases cut out and I WILL work on finishing them today. [Notice the Scarlett O'Hara tone here.] Maybe I can mention too that January has been a paperwork month so far. Annual state library report, the next form in line for the E-rate application and so on and so on. Plus working on computers.

When I got to work yesterday there was a note that some of the computers couldn't get on the Internet. That was an easy enough fix....the electrical cord to the switch had been knocked loose just enough to not make a connection but not enough to be easily noticed by looking at it. Pushed in the plug all the way and all was well. One computer wasn't so well though and it took reinstalling Windows to fix it, then reinstalling the programs and settings. Luckily it is a public use computer and there weren't any important files to lose. Wednesday night a friend brought me her laptop that was infected with one of those fake anti-virus viruses, plus a couple other things, and I cleaned that up. I've done several that were infected with this type of virus and each time it's a little bit different though it does seem that with every boot-up it attaches to more files. So, keep your Anti-Virus program up to date. Also Spybot Search and Destroy....use the immunize feature.... and Ad-Aware. I'm careful about all these and very rarely have a problem. Also, if you use the Firefox browser, get the Ad Blocker add on.

Stay warm, stay dry and watch your step on the ice. Oh yeah, keep the bugs off your computers so I can keep reading your blogs.