Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long week

I saw on Jennifer's blog that she had a long did I. So, let's take this in order, shall we?

Monday - work, go to Neligh for election stuff, get groceries, get home to make food for Quilt Club on Tues. night.

- up way too early to be at the polling place before seven, spend all day working the election, take ballots to Neligh afterward( the deer were out in force), hosted Quilt Cub in absentia (went to unlock the door & turn on the lights, locked the door behind me on the way out...oops) brain was fried by then.

- County Library meeting here at the library first thing in the morning, what I did in the afternoon apparently isn't worthy of remembering because I can't.

Thursday - work, mostly setting up the new computers, home, getting a damaged one packed up to send back, fix supper, go back to work for evening hours.

- Spent most of the day taking down the old computers and putting the new ones in their place. Thank heavens they connected to the Internet and recognized the printer with no fuss.

Saturday - Work. Spent the evening watching two episodes of Bones, two of CSI and one of NCIS on the Internet. If I lived by myself I'd probably dump Dish and just watch the few shows I like on-line. DH, however, is not a "computer guy" so we keep paying through the nose.

Today, Sunday
- Lazy day. Slept late. Did laundry. Made lunch. Playing on computer. Not really feeling well.....either a cold or sinus infection, I haven't decided yet, but my sinuses have been misbehaving the past couple of days & now I just feel kind of yucky and out of it.

That was the week that was. Sorry, no photos. You have to remember your camera to get those and I didn't. Wonder what else I forgot. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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