Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here's another start..........

when will we see a finish?? This fine mess on my sewing table is the beginnings of some plaid/homespun string blocks for Heartstrings:

Let's hope I get further on them than I did on the blue/yellow project. That pile of fabrics is still sitting on top of my fabric cabinets. They will get put back into their designated piles and forgotten about again.

I was actually surprised to be able to get a decent picture of said mess above.  My camera has been acting up lately. So many times the pictures turn out to be pink-tinted and blurry.  It started doing it occasionally back in late February. Something to do with the CCD sensor and humidity changes??  I did some research online & it turns out that Canon did a recall on several camera models, including mine, a couple years ago for defective sensors. It sounds like one can send the camera in to have the sensor replaced and Canon pays all the shipping & everything. I'll be looking into that further. I wonder how long the process takes? Weeks? Months??  Longer!!??? Would maybe still need a replacement camera while this one gets fixed. I really like my little Canon PowerShot A95 & don't want to just toss it.

We did get to see some sunshine today though there are still plenty of clouds floating about.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if there was more rain tonight. We've had over 6" of rain over the past week and places west of us had more.  Yesterday Hwy 275 was closed from O'Neill to Tilden because of flooding. Some of Hwy 20 was closed out by the weigh scale. More roads south and east of here were closed as well as some to the north. It's time for clear skies and sunshine for a while. Things need to dry out a little bit before we all start to mold.


  1. I think you helped me by explaining how to add a counter to my blog at one time.....now I can't remember how it was done. I want to change what I have to a simpler one. Could you please explain it to me again? I remember something about edit html on the layout page but that's about it.

    Love the plaids! You need more? I've got some I can send you.

  2. I finally cut my strips today and got my foundations ready for my Homespun blocks. As long as it's taken me,I should have done the string blocks before the drunkards path top.