Friday, July 2, 2010

June just slipped away

Here we are in July already. I looked back at a few previous posts and see that I'm not much further along with projects than I was half-way through June...........the lost month.  I DID go ahead and get a new camera to replace the one that quit working..........didn't think anyone would want to look at fuzzy pink pictures. :-)  I got another Canon, a PowerShot A1100 IS. I was looking at a bulkier Nikon but decided I'd use it more if it was small enough to carry around in my purse or inconspicuously in my hand. Like I said, I really didn't accomplish much in June but here's some pictures I took playing around with the new camera.

The front of my house all decked out for summer. This is the sum total of my flower gardening. I wish those orange lilies bloomed all summer.

Here are a couple quilts all ready for the Premier. They're both old tops that a lady bought at an auction. I'd like to keep them both! In the background is the pile of QAYG blocks I've showed before, still just setting there waiting to be joined into a quilt. I've heard patience is a virtue.

And a picture of my beautiful black kitty. Do you see the questioning look on her face?  She couldn't figure out why I kept snapping pictures of her. Thought I was nuts, probably. She's having a rough time of it this week. We're babysitting our son & DIL's three dogs this week while they're on vacation. She was hiding and I finally found her under the bunkbeds this morning after I pulled out everything stored under there. The other cat was outside last evening & the dogs chased him so we won't see him for about two weeks. He likes to be sure the coast is VERY clear before he comes back home after a visit from the dogs. We'll just have to keep food & water out for him & hope he comes to get some. The thing is, if the cats just wouldn't run the dogs would leave them alone. There's just no fun in a cat who won't run and be chased. Try explaining that to the cats though!!!  :-)

Hope everyone has a happy & safe July 4th.


  1. June HAS just slipped away. No sewing here, unless you count the pants I fixed for a National Park Ranger! All my projects are in totes, riding around in my vehicle. And yes, I've only had bad gnats one night--otherwise is it's cool enough I've been reading (sleeping) in my lawn chair. Oh, and if I have time I try to catch up on blog reading.

  2. I like it in my salads. The small ones peel and all. Stay cool! Flicsha

  3. Your kitty is so beautiful. Just about the time he gets used to the dogs it will be time for them to go home. Hope they all have a good few weeks.

  4. July is slipping away too! I came over to visit and noticed you're in Dad was born in Decatur Nebraska and has generations of his family that go back in Nebraska...I haven't been back in quite a few years but used to love visiting my grandparents there as a girl.