Friday, December 3, 2010

Life's little surprises

Anyway, on Wednesday I finally broke down & went shopping. Needed some things for next week & it's too late to order & get them on time, so off I went.  I only went to three stores but they were busy, busy, busy. I will repeat....I hate the new layout at the Wal*Mart store. I about walked my legs off in that place looking for what I needed. And, if they expect people to spend any time in there shopping they should turn down the heat a little. Since I avoid shopping whenever possible, here's a picture to prove I went.

As if me going shopping wasn't a big enough surprise the real surprise came a little later in the evening. I was on the computer and a window appeared saying I needed to restart so AVG (my anti-virus program) could finish an update. Now, this has happened before so I just clicked OK and waited for it to reboot. It didn't. And wouldn't. Windows 7's automatic fixes..uh,uh. Now I don't know if some code-writer at AVG got careless, if they got hacked or if I was lucky enough to receive a fake update, but it changed the drive letters. Drive C is supposed to be the operating system, Drive E is the Recovery partition. The "update" had switched the drive letters around so my poor computer received a literal lobotomy.....couldn't remember how to boot itself up. I knew I'd have to reinstall Windows and  I always set my personal computers up so I have a Drive D partition where I keep all my personal data & knew it would be safe. At least I thought so. For some reason the reinstall took away my "Downloads" file on the D partition. Strange. (Update: Guess what? I found the contents of the "Downloads" file in my downloaded audio-books folder. Imagine that!! So my recent experience with reinstalling the OS wasn't quite so strange.)  Reloading programs is tedious and time consuming, but all is mostly back to normal now. The whole episode has convinced me I need to subscribe to a backup service, probably Carbonite.

So that's what I've been up to the last couple of days. No sewing at all, I'm sad to say. No genealogy and not much reading either. Still piddling with the kitchen redo. Maybe I'll get it done before I hit retirement age. LOL



  1. looks like you found a FEW things to buy.

  2. It is a strange time to change a layout of a store, when people are already stressed out enough as it is. I like to be able to find things where I expect them to be! Sorry about your computer troubles. Hopefully everything is back to normal now.

  3. Hmm--no pictures of all that painting yet! I want to see the cupboards when you're done. I'm getting the itch to do "something" to mine!

  4. I thought about Mozy, then I thought about Carbonite, then I went and bought an 800GB portable USB hard drive for just a little more than a one year subscription to either service would have cost me.

    Now all I have to do is remember to back up.