Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had our family Thanksgiving on Sunday so today it's just the two of us....and Daughter's dog....the cats are hiding.  We're having roast chicken and all the fixings. DH doesn't care for turkey white meat so going the turkey breast route is out.
Did I mention before that I'm babysitting Daughter's dog over this holiday weekend. Don't you think he looks pretty content?

Sometimes he does the cutest things. Last night he decided he wanted to take his stuffed kitty outside. So finally I put him on his leash(he's a runner) & he picks up his kitty, takes it out and carefully lays it on the porch while he goes out in the yard to take care of business. Then he comes back, carefully picks up kitty and brings it in the house. Silly dog. I just stood there laughing.

This is the lastest quilt....a Quilt Group quilt that went to a member's son who was in a car accident. I only quilted it & did the binding.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you. That is a beautiful quilt, and so sweet of your group to make quilts to comfort others.