Friday, January 28, 2011

Ahhhh, Spring!!

Not really. After all, this is Nebraska in January, but the sky is blue, the sun is shining and my thermometer says it's 42 degrees out today and it was almost as warm yesterday. It gives one hope that Spring is getting closer.

Still nothing quilty to show, but soon. They aren't mine but I had a part in them. Stay tuned.

Had an email this morning from a second cousin in Germany sending me some old family pictures & telling me a little bit more about her family. So exciting.  Makes me want to get working on genealogy again. It's always hard to decide....genealogy?? read?? sew/quilt?? play on the computer?? Notice, nothing active mentioned here. That's why I don't like pictures of chubby from all the sit-down hobbies.

We had a program/book signing at the library last night by local author Dick Haskin for his latest book, "Beyond the Hills of Mars."  Ten people were there for the program and another couple showed up just as it was ending. A pretty good turnout for our little library. I'm hoping to get a couple more area authors to do programs in the next couple of months.

Grandson, Tyler, will be coming later today to spend the weekend. Will have to move my junk from his bed and lay in some of his favorite foods. I have to work at the library tomorrow but he will have a good time hanging out with Grandpa. Maybe it will be warm enough to go ice fishing.

So long till next time.

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  1. Hi Quiltin' Library lady, When I read your title, I said to myself "now wait a minute, if she lives in NE and I live in IA, there is no way Spring is coming" :-) I agree about it being hard to decide what to do, your list would mirror image mine for sure. Two other gals and myself are trying to re-organize a Friends group for our library and we had our first meeting last week. We had a group of twelve, I was so surprised but so pleased and everyone seemed really excited about doing this. We'll see how it goes. Does your library have a Friends group? I hope you are having a nice time this weekend with your grandson. Enjoy!