Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I can hardly contain my excitement.....

......I finally got a new ironing board cover!!!  Yeah, pretty silly, but the old one was so ugly and totally disintegrating. This one is at least relatively pretty, though it will soon look as bad as the old one. And here it is in all it's glory, while there is still some glory to show:

Doesn't take much to excite me does it!!! Still, every quilter should start the new year out with a new ironing board cover. It's just uplifting. :-)

And here's a family picture we took when we had our family Thanksgiving:

Back: Allen, Katie, Laurie, Scott    Front: Ashley, Warren, Tyler, me, Hailey

 I'm never very fond of pictures with me in them, but this one isn't too bad and everyone else looks pretty good. At least by having a grand-child on each side it hides me a little bit. :-)

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