Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I've Been Doing

How's that for a boring blog title?  It's another gray day that doesn't really inspire any creativity.  Not too hot but humid. The humidity lately has made the basement kind of damp and clammy so the air conditioner is running and so is the furnace fan, trying to get the air down there circulating and drying out. The biggest problem is the noise from the window AC. That steady loud drone about puts me to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzz

After a Town Board meeting last night and a County Supervisor's meeting this morning, I've secured the funding for the library for another year  so I feel like I can goof off a little. At least after I get these cleaned and in the freezer....maybe make a strawberry dessert too :) :)

I like strawberries as much as the next person, but I'm really glad these are June bearers so I have to do this for a week or two and then I'm done. Ever bearing ones just go on and on and on.

Even though I still have quilt tops waiting to be quilted I just had to start playing with a new project so I've been sorting out strips and cutting more.

Can you look at this assortment and guess what it will be?  There was another part of this project completed and posted previously.  I may even have said what it was in that post......who remembers stuff like that??? :) :)

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