Friday, June 24, 2011

Reminded & 23 Things: Week 1

It's a good thing I was looking back through the blog. It reminded me that I made all those RWB string blocks.  Really must get them packaged up and sent off.

I'm going to be starting another series of Nebraska 2.0 online classes called 23 Things For Professional Development that will last for five months. Technology changes so fast that it's important to participate in opportunities like this to keep up. I'm hoping to learn at least a couple things I can put to work in my own life. After reading and learning about each thing we are required to write a blog post and then post the URL to the Library Commission's Nebraska 2.0 blog.  Since I already established this blog the last time around I will be using it.  Anyone who reads this for the quilting and general chit-chat can skip those posts......or you can read about what I'm learning and learn along with me.  Actually, I think I can count this as the post for Things 1 and 2.

For the blog browsing requirement for Thing 2 I found an overwhelming number of blogs from all over the world on the 23 Things site. I'm wondering if the Nebraska librarians will have a separate Nebraska list so we can read blogs of fellow participants from right here in our state.  I intend to read more of the ones on the "mother site" but won't always have time for many of those, interesting as they may be.

I did do a little bit of sewing this week on one of the steps to Roll Roll Cotton Boll. Mostly I've just been doing the cutting of the various strips used. That's the nice thing about doing the mystery long after it isn't a mystery any more....all the strips of each color can be cut at the same time even if they get used in another step.  Some of my pieces of fabric aren't all that big so while I cut for this quilt I'm also cutting other sizes of strips for the strip drawers.  Makes less fabric to go back into the yardage cabinets. I'm beginning to see a difference.

Sorry, no pictures this time. Everyone's seen strips of fabric before.


  1. Hello,
    I am also a quilt-loving librarian from NE! Love your picture of the Bricks & Stepping stones as I made it with my church quilting group. This is my first time to blog and also first for the NE Learns. Looking forward to reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. My blog is

  2. Hi, I am a library board member so I'll check your blog for info too. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog recently, I can't find any where to email you from the comment so hope you read this..Have a great weekend.