Sunday, September 4, 2011

CPD 23 - Week 10, Thing 14a,b,c,

This weeks Things were all completely new to me...had never heard of any of them before. After reading about all three and watching the videos I chose to explore Zotero further, thinking it might be the most useful to me though I don't expect to use nearly all of the features.  This thing is feature rich.  I like the word "free" too. LOL

As an add-on for Firefox it's ideal because Firefox is my preferred browser. I often find articles online that I'd like to keep....that's why my Bookmarks list is longer than my arms. Being able to share and access what I've saved from any computer is a plus too. Though as I understand it, all three of these "Things" have that ability. At times the ability to make notes about what I've saved would be ideal.

Since I don't expect to be writing any research papers or articles requiring lots of research I don't see myself much more that skimming the surface of the abilities of this program.  And since my library is small and rural we don't usually have college students researching major papers here and the high school students don't seem to do much in depth research for their papers, but a little info about this program and the others might be a topic for a library news column sometime in the near future just so our patrons know about it and can do their own exploration.

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