Friday, January 28, 2011

Ahhhh, Spring!!

Not really. After all, this is Nebraska in January, but the sky is blue, the sun is shining and my thermometer says it's 42 degrees out today and it was almost as warm yesterday. It gives one hope that Spring is getting closer.

Still nothing quilty to show, but soon. They aren't mine but I had a part in them. Stay tuned.

Had an email this morning from a second cousin in Germany sending me some old family pictures & telling me a little bit more about her family. So exciting.  Makes me want to get working on genealogy again. It's always hard to decide....genealogy?? read?? sew/quilt?? play on the computer?? Notice, nothing active mentioned here. That's why I don't like pictures of chubby from all the sit-down hobbies.

We had a program/book signing at the library last night by local author Dick Haskin for his latest book, "Beyond the Hills of Mars."  Ten people were there for the program and another couple showed up just as it was ending. A pretty good turnout for our little library. I'm hoping to get a couple more area authors to do programs in the next couple of months.

Grandson, Tyler, will be coming later today to spend the weekend. Will have to move my junk from his bed and lay in some of his favorite foods. I have to work at the library tomorrow but he will have a good time hanging out with Grandpa. Maybe it will be warm enough to go ice fishing.

So long till next time.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cold again

We're back to freezing cold today. I was so hoping for another nice day like yesterday.....upper 30's, even saw the sun a little bit, but no go. Freakin' cold again, with some light snow......and I hope it stays light. Yesterday melted a bunch of what we had and we don't need any more.

Got the sewer system problems straightened out yesterday. A person just doesn't appreciate being able to run any amount of water down the drains until you can't. After the freezer's demise that was the second stumbling block we've had lately. They say things come in 3s so I'm scared to even think of what #3 might be.

Today I'm hoping to get myself down into the basement, get the machine oiled up and load a quilt. It's high time there was something quilty on this blog.

Keep warm, everyone.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Bad, The Good and The Ugly

The Bad.........As a result of low voltage for about three hours very early last Friday morning, our basement freezer died.

The Good.......I had a snow day on Monday & went to the basement that morning to dig a chicken out of the freezer to make chicken noodle soup. Discovered said dead freezer & spent quite a bit of time transferring things to the other freezers & trying to cram it all in as best I could.

The Ugly.........The dearly departed laying like a beached whale in front of my house. (Yes, temporarily. How temporarily is anybody's guess.)

 After the struggle to get it up out of the basement I don't think DH or his bro want to even think about trying to move this thing again. Old appliances were built to last and they are HEAVY.

My new freezer............

Just joking!!  Stuff from the dead freezer wouldn't all fit in the other freezers so I had to dump out some plastic storage tubs to put the rest in & leave it outside. The cold, cold weather is good for something at least. The new freezer is in place in the basement & today I will start packing things back in. Since it's smaller than the old one I doubt if it will all fit so one or two of these "deluxe environmentally safe" freezers may stay in use for a bit.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Snowy World

Not much going on today. Just watching the snow, putting away some Christmas decorations and playing on the computer. Do you suppose the lack of motivation is from the desire to hibernate to get away from the cold??

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I can hardly contain my excitement.....

......I finally got a new ironing board cover!!!  Yeah, pretty silly, but the old one was so ugly and totally disintegrating. This one is at least relatively pretty, though it will soon look as bad as the old one. And here it is in all it's glory, while there is still some glory to show:

Doesn't take much to excite me does it!!! Still, every quilter should start the new year out with a new ironing board cover. It's just uplifting. :-)

And here's a family picture we took when we had our family Thanksgiving:

Back: Allen, Katie, Laurie, Scott    Front: Ashley, Warren, Tyler, me, Hailey

 I'm never very fond of pictures with me in them, but this one isn't too bad and everyone else looks pretty good. At least by having a grand-child on each side it hides me a little bit. :-)