Friday, August 17, 2012

Catching Up

Seventy-four pints of sweet corn in the freezer....I'm almost recovered! :)

All those Quarter Square Triangles  I sewed up are now pressed....that took a while. Next the dog-ears get snipped off and then they all get mixed up real good and get sewed into little hour-glass units.  I read ahead to the next step....a whole bunch of Half Square Triangle pairs cut from black & neutral 2 inch strips.  This quilt has so many little pieces it may have to go on my Bucket List. It may BE my Bucket List.

Enough ripe tomatoes have accumulated that I will have to can a few. I don't really want to, but there are too many to just eat. Freezer space will be at a premium if there are any apples or deer later on and I just can't throw them away. Today I went out and pruned the plants.  They were about to squash my pepper plants and I'd rather have the red bell peppers than the tomatoes. 

The squash vines are producing way more than I want too.  I canned a lot of squash last year and only wanted a few for cooking with this year.  Let's just say that DH is an over-achiever when it comes to planting things in the spring.  I said to stick about six seeds into a hill and call it good. Not exactly what he did.  Picture me later this fall throwing Butternut squash into unlocked cars along Main St.  LOL  It's just taking things OUT that's illegal isn't it???


  1. That's hilarious--I can just see you tossing squash into cars! I planted three yellow squash plants in case one or two didn't make it--all three are thriving and Michael doesn't eat squash!

  2. The deer ravished most of my garden--BUT they left me my basil--will be drying that (heavenly aroma) for the Winter. You can throw butternut squash into my car anytime ( ;-))) } I just love the stuff!! Great job finishing all those HST's--have a great weekend Julierose

  3. Too bad I'm not close enough to take some of the squash and tomatoes off your hands. Hubby's tomato plants did nothing but produce greenery.