Friday, August 31, 2012

Today's Excitement...........

..........not quite in my backyard, but close.  The vacant lots to the west of my house caught fire late this afternoon. Luckily what little wind there was was blowing the other way so I didn't even smell the smoke.

The Fire Dept. wasn't taking any chances. They had all of our trucks out there and all of Royal's too. They kept it contained to a fairly small spot and got it out quickly.

Since the day started out with the sewer starting to back up just as the rinse water drained out of the washing machine I can only wonder what happens next.

I also got the neutral string setting blocks trimmed for my Jamestown Landing quilt. These are 4 1/2 inches square.

I think there's 160 or so of these.

And, my one other accomplishment this week......

After picking a bunch of dead-ripe tomatoes and knowing I DON'T need any more canned whole tomatoes, I made V-8/tomato juice instead. It's amazing what three tomato plants can produce when you really only want enough to eat fresh.

I really shouldn't say those were the only two things accomplished this week because it was the NE Library System's "Week of Weeding."  My goal was to get the adult general fiction shelves weeded and I got that done.  They haven't been removed from the computer database yet, but I can at least put newer books away on the shelves or display a book face-out.  Boxes of books are HEAVY!! Or I'm just getting wimpier.  LOL

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