Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Steps......And An Ooops!

Tuesday night's Quilt Club was a "bring your own project night," so I worked on putting together some of the star blocks for Orca Bay. These finish at 6".  Cute!

I was surprised that I got ten of them done, what with all the visiting and snacks and all. Now I see that the one on the lower right has a little "oops" that will have to be corrected. It's funny how I don't notice these things until I see them in a picture. 

A while after I got home on Tuesday night my throat got real itchy and I coughed a lot in the night.....and I'm still at it. Don't feel sick or anything, just keep coughing because of the itchiness. My voice has been croaky and my ribs ache from the coughing and the throat feels quite sore at times though it doesn't look inflamed. I've sneezed a bunch of times today so I sure hope it isn't working up into something. Last year at this time I was in the process of coming down with  shingles so this seems minor in comparison.  Maybe next year we can just skip February??? Guess I'll just medicate myself well before going to bed so I'll be ready to go to work in the morning.  Working on Saturdays....grrrrrrrrr!

Hope you have a nice weekend.



  1. TEN blocks in one night, well done, Sore throat, coughing, hope it does not develop into something worse, February will run into March and springtime so soon, take care until then. Cheers from Jean

  2. Perhaps you could run a humidifier at night to soothe the cough. I do this all winter or else I wake myself up just coughing.

  3. Hmm... skip February? Good idea except the days go whizzing by much too fast already. We've had something similar going around our neighborhood. After a couple of days coughing and sneezing it went away for everyone here.