Monday, February 18, 2013

What I'm Working On

Who needs a design wall when you have an ironing board???  Especially when you only have two blocks to show.

These are the first two completed blocks for #2 Granddaughter's orange & teal blue quilt.....though the blue doesn't look very teal in the picture. In looking through my fabrics everything was either too green or too blue. Finally I settled on three that were what I thought were about right and went with it.  Besides when it's done that orange is just going to pop out and hit you in the eye and no one will even notice if the blue is the exact right shade.

Sounds like this week will be good sewing weather. Supposed to have 6-10 inches of snow from Wed. afternoon through Thurs. afternoon according to Accuweather. Oh, please, please can we have a snow day on Thurs. ???  It's getting late in the winter and we all NEED a snow day!!!

P.S. I just noticed that this is post 400. How did that happen so fast?????

1 comment:

  1. Young girls really are into the Teal blue aren't they? You are right about the orange - it will totally take over LOL!!! But it will be a very lively and vibrant quilt - perfect for a young girl :*)